COVID-19 Through a Quality Lens

COVID-19 Through a Quality Lens

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COVID-19 Through a Quality Lens was a new online learning program that was designed to be practical, informative and relevant for anyone who works in health care quality improvement and would like to learn about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the quality of care.

COVID-19 Through a Quality Lens was a series of distinct webinars, each one highlighting important learning that emerged from a quality perspective during the health care response to the pandemic. As the province prepared for a second wave of COVID-19, the series aimed to mobilize critical knowledge and enhanced the understanding of the new normal moving forward.

Speakers from different areas of the health care system shared a number of insights around the impacts of COVID-19 in their respective areas of care, including:

  • Challenges that emerged as a result of the pandemic
  • How any changes in the system impacted the quality of care
  • What improvements to care were realized
  • What improvements can be sustained and widespread