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Team-Based Care

The journey to quality, team-based care with patients and providers as equal partners means sharing and accessing resources, events and opportunities to support everyone along the way.

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Team-Based Care Resource List

This curated list of resources and tools is designed to assist health care professionals on their team-based care journey to improve the coordination and delivery of care to patients and families across BC.

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Team Up! Webinar & Podcast Series

Podcast: Primary Care in a Pandemic

The Primary Care in a Pandemic podcast takes a look at the changes in primary care in British Columbia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Podcast hosts and their guests talk about ways primary care clinics can and are adapting in this crisis. Each episode tackles a different topic from how to stay connected as a team to how to approach advanced care planning with patients. The podcast keeps things real and practical so you can apply these ideas in your practices. Brought to you by the University of British Columbia’s Primary Care Innovation Support Unit in the Department of Family Practice.

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Sharing Resources

We encourage you to share any resources you think might be beneficial for others on their team-based care journey.

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