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The BC Health Quality Matrix

“Quality” is one of those words where, if 10 people were polled, 10 different definitions could be provided. In essence, when used in a health care setting, a common definition involves how well the right care is delivered to the right patient at the right time.

In this section, you’ll find resources that can be widely applied to projects and initiatives that seek to improve quality of care. In other topics in our Resources Hub, you’ll find tools that hone in on specific topics in quality improvement – such as  cultureteamwork & communication, and cultural safety & humility.

Featured Quality Improvement Tools

BC Health Quality Matrix

The Matrix can be used to develop metrics that comprehensively measure quality across seven Dimensions of Quality and five interconnected Areas of Care. By providing a shared definition of quality for BC, the Matrix supports a coordinated approach to thinking and learning about these dimensions and areas, how they relate to one another, and what everyone’s responsibilities are throughout a person’s health and wellness journey.

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BC Health Quality Matrix (Greyscale)

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BC Health Quality Matrix Companion Guide

The Companion Guide provides more information on applying the definition of quality in your setting. It includes expanded examples and case studies to illustrate various ways of using the Matrix for different purposes across the continuum of care. This includes strategic planning, measuring and evaluating a program’s impact, leading improvement projects and developing metrics.

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BC Health Quality Matrix Companion Guide (Greyscale)

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BC Health Quality Matrix Visual

While all the parts of the Matrix are interconnected, considering the different Dimensions of Quality and Areas of Care is a useful way to think about and measure quality. This visual was created as a tool to guide the use of the Matrix in practical ways.

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Matrix one page single

BC Health Quality Matrix Visual (Greyscale)

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