Patient Engagement Learning Series: The Evolution of Primary Care in British Columbia

Date: September 5, 2019
Filed under: Advance the Patient Voice, Webinar

As part of the Patient Voices Network’s Patient Engagement Learning Series, this webinar provides an overview of the work being done in primary care, specifically with the launch of Primary Care Networks in communities throughout the province.

Laura Heinze, director of stakeholder engagement with the Ministry of Health, and Layton Engwer, a patient representative on the Primary and Community Care Advisory Forum, provide a recap of the work done to date, highlight what the Ministry’s Primary and Community Care Strategy is all about, and talk about the benefits to patients accessing care as well as providers who are struggling to find the right work-life balance. They also provide some information about the vital role patients have in this work to ensure person-centred care is top of mind as BC’s health care transformation is underway.


Laura Heinze
Director, Stakeholder Engagement, Ministry of Health

Laura Heinze is a communications specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the Ministry of Health. Laura specializes in effectively communicating complex policies and issues into easily accessible information. She is always trying to learn how to better connect with British Columbians and better explain the complicated health system so that it actually makes sense. She has been in her current role for about six months, and loves making connections and building relationships with all our health sector partners.

Layton Engwer
PVN Patient Partner

Layton has raised a family of three boys in different parts of the country, with majority of that time being in BC. His immediate and extended family have been typical consumers of health services from acute care to long-term care. He has been a long-term caregiver and has guided family members through cancer, addictions and hospice care. Layton has had the benefit of the same family physician over 24 years, but pending retirement will change that. His boys struggle to find consistent primary care for their families and rely on ad-hoc walk-in clinics and online access to care, which is not the ideal situation.

Layton’s career has been in different components of heath care and he has worked with most provinces/territories and the federal government. He volunteers at several levels of BC’s Primary and Community Care renewal initiative, representing patients.

Watch the recording: