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LOUD in the ED Action Period 4

Date: November 25, 2020
Filed under: Substance Use, LOUD in the ED,

The fourth Action Period for LOUD in the ED focuses on bridging community and ED care ! This page includes presentations, slides and activities specific to Action Period 4. Click here to return to the main resource page.

This workbook can be used to complete your Action Period 4 activities with your team, regardless if you are meeting virtually or in person.

Download Action Period 4 Workbook

Action Period 3 Recordings & Presentation Slides

Participants were divided into regional breakout rooms for 30 minutes to discuss the following:

  • What’s working well?
  • What’s your biggest question around discharge planning and community referrals?
  • What’s your biggest struggle with discharges?
  • Where do you think community referrals go wrong?
  • When/how do you think community referrals go smoothly?
  • Is there anything you could be doing/know your ED is doing well in terms of supporting referrals?


OAT Clinics Accepting New Patients *Link*
List of OAT clinics across BC that are currently accepting new patients. Provided and updated by the BC Center on Substance Use.

Substance Use Journey Maps *Link*
This series of journey maps provide a visual illustration of the experience of patients and providers engaging in substance use care.


Project Inclusion: Confronting Anti-Homeless and Anti-Substance User Stigma in British Columbia*Link*
Full report (132 pages) by PIVOT Legal Society on the legal, policy-related and other structural barriers that must be addressed in order to meaningfully prevent opioid-related deaths.