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CAT Knowledge Exchange

Date: December 15, 2020
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We are holding another event on March 17, 2021! Download our poster to learn more and register.

The Community Action Team (CAT) Knowledge Exchange 2020 aims to accelerate local action being taken to address the overdose crisis through increased connection among and between CATs. Providing a virtual space for learning and networking to bring diverse voices together and amplify the leadership of peers. Learn more about the CAT Knowledge Exchange.

This resource page contains recordings and resources from the CAT Knowledge Exchange Event that took place on Thursday, October 29, 2020 from 1300-1600PST on Zoom.

Watch the full event (total time: 1 hour 55 min) or scroll down further on this page to find a recording for a specific part.


Event Resources

Presentation Slides
Self-Care and Safety for Online Events

Relevant Resources

Activities for Transforming Teams & Igniting Change (ATTIC)
Liberating Structures Website
Liberating Structures App
Impromptu Networking Handout
Wise Crowds Handout
Mad Tea Handout

Graphic Recordings

This one-page graphic recording summarizes the 3 hour event on October 29, 2020. Recording by Sam Bradd from Drawing Change.

Download Graphic Recording of Event


This one-page graphic recording highlights the panel on meaningful peer engagement featuring Guy Felicella (moderator), Heather Spence, Eric Thomson, Jenny McDougall and Kerry Watters (panelists). Recording by Sam Bradd from Drawing Change.

Download Graphic Recording of Panel

Video Recordings

Below you will find the recordings from the CAT Knowledge Exchange Event on October 29, 2020 for specific parts of the event. Click on the text to see the video, a short description and any resources specific to that part of the event.

We are honoured to have Syexwaliya, a Squamish Elder and knowledge keeper for the Council, join us to open the CAT Knowledge Exchange Event in a good way.

Learn more about the team at the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, including Kate Harris, Katie Fajber and Anthony Gagne, and how we became involved hosting this event.

Justine Patterson, Executive Director for the Overdose Emergency Response Center (OERC) welcomes CATs to the Knowledge Exchange Event and highlighted the importance of the work CATs do locally.

Hosts provide a background on the CAT Knowledge Exchange and how to use Zoom. Participants practice leaving a virtual breakout room and are reminded that unexpected things happen sometimes when meeting online and that we are all learning together.

Reminders to take care of yourself and others, even when meeting online. Hosts go over the virtual safety plan and the supports that are available to participants during the event.

See the full safety plan here.

Liberating structures are introduced and participants experience the first liberating structure of the day, Impromptu Networking, as a way for individuals to meet each other and start forming a community at the start of the event.

An incredible panel of peers discussed the following prompt: what does meaningful peer engagement look like in Community Action Teams?

Moderator: Guy Felicella

Panelists: Erica Thomson, Heather Spence, Jennifer McDougall, Kerry Watters

Check out the graphic recording of this panel conversation.

Wise crowds is a technique used to unleash the wisdom of the group! Participants were divided into groups in which one volunteer shared a challenge they faced and then listened as the group offered insights and suggestions.

Mad Tea is a way to generate reflections from the whole group all at once!

You can see the anonymous responses that were entered into the chat for each question.

Sam Bradd from Drawing Change shares the graphic recording that he has been working on through the event.

See finished version of the graphic recording for the whole event and the graphic recording of the panel.

In closing, Colleen Kennedy, Executive Director at the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, shares some reflections and thanks everyone for coming. The event is concluded and participants are reminded to stay connected with us at