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Randomized Coffee Trials

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Randomized Coffee Trials

We know relationships are so important in our rapidly changing world and we don’t always have people around us who speak the same language. Here’s your chance to be a part of a BC-wide network of Change Ambassadors – you have more to offer than you realize!

Sign up for our Change Agent/Ambassador Randomized Coffee trials each month and you’ll receive an email with contact information for another Change Agent from BC.  Sometime during the month, we encourage you to set up a time to connect for a coffee, a meal, or a virtual chat via Skype, Webex or a good old phone call.

What you talk about is completely up to you.  Maybe you are looking for a jolt of energy or an opportunity to inspire someone else. Or you want to explore opportunities to collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other? Who knows where these connections may lead you?!

It’s as simple as signing up online and setting up a chat!


Want to know more? Curious about the Network? Send us an email!