Type 2 Diabetes Network

Type 2 Diabetes Network

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It is estimated that over 90% of diabetes cases are related to type 2 diabetes. 1 The most prominent risk factors for type 2 diabetes relate to lifestyle factors and it is increasingly being classified as a preventable and/or reversible disease.

What is the Type 2 Diabetes Network?

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, in partnership with the Institute for Health System Transformation & Sustainability, are leading the formation of a network focused on sharing, developing and applying innovative practices to improve outcomes for people living with type 2 diabetes across BC.

Our work focuses on improving collaboration and knowledge transfer in leading healthy public policy, population and community health interventions, lifestyle practices related to the prevention, management and reversal of type 2 diabetes. We help accelerate the use of expert knowledge and experience from patients and researchers. We support shifts in how this disease is prevented and managed by both patients and clinicians by sharing the latest evidence and innovations, developing resources and taking sustainable action to apply new practices in the real world.

We work with partners from across the system, including clinicians, researchers, policy makers, educators, innovators, community and business leaders, and patients to improve the course of type 2 diabetes in BC.


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Spotlight on Our Resources

Event Summary: Type 2 Diabetes Dialogue 2020 

Read and view highlights from our 2020 Type 2 Diabetes Dialogue event held over two half-days on November 18 and 19. This Event Summary captures the ideas and responses shared in ThoughtExchange, along with visual representations and emerging themes from the event.

Watch presentations and check out other relevant resources from the Type 2 Diabetes Dialogue.

View Event Summary

Environmental Scan Overview

This document provides an overview of the current context for type 2 diabetes in British Columbia and is based on the Environmental Scan undertaken by the Institute of Health System Transformation & Sustainability.


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The Type 2 Diabetes Network is a team of passionate change-makers focused on improving prevention, management and outcomes for people living with type 2 diabetes in BC.

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