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Recap: Our Journey Mapping Session for Substance Use in BC

What We Learned From More Than 60 Experts

On Wednesday, July 12, we partnered with the Ministry of Health, with involvement from the Doctors of BC through the General Practices Services Committee (GPSC) and Shared Care Committees, to hold a full-day journey mapping session that explored how treatment and support are currently delivered in primary care settings for people with substance use concerns.

Journey mapping is a form of process mapping, which uses graphic symbols and connectors to diagram a sequence of steps while capturing emotions and change ideas. In health care, it can be used to illuminate the different individuals and processes involved in treatment or care, as well as patient experiences. It’s helpful for identifying opportunities for improvement and gaps in service, and gaining an understanding of the complexities within our health system.

Over 60 experts came together from across BC to participate, representing peers (active substance users, in treatment, and in recovery), general practitioners, emergency physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, paramedics, and others. The day focused on mapping two perspectives: peers accessing the primary health care system for substance use concerns, and health care providers navigating the system to provide treatment and support options. Our aim was to gain insight into how the system is currently working for peers and health care providers, and how it can be improved in the near future and long-term.

The information gathered during the day, on two physical maps, will be used to develop new strategies within the primary care system to support British Columbians with substance use concerns.

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