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Anthony Gagné

Leader, Learning & Capability Development
Prince George, BC
Anthony Gagné

Anthony joined the council in January 2016 as an Engagement Leader with the Patient and Public Engagement team supporting the Patient Voices Network in Northern Health, a role which he held previously with ImpactBC since 2011.

He is very interested in creating space for all stakeholders, whether they be patients or health care partners/providers, to share their own experiences with our system with an eye towards sustainable improvements. From an improvement perspective, he recognizes the power and value of the real-life stories and narratives of those who experience the health care system on a regular basis, and is passionate about setting up and facilitating the processes that make sharing these stories possible.

Anthony has spent over 10 years in northern BC, having originally come to attend UNBC (BHSc, Biomedical Studies) and has now chosen to call the region home for the foreseeable future.